Downtime Cost Calculator
Lost Labor Cost
Number of ruggedized or purpose-built mobile devices
your organization utilizes each shift across all mobility functions
Number of shifts
Estimated minutes lost per worker due to delays, disconnects, or other unresolved problems during an 8 hour shift
Estimated hourly burden per worker (wages plus benefits)
In which operations are the mobile devices used? (Check all that apply)
Distbribution centers (picking,packing,receiving,putaway)
Retail operations (inventory,POS,price-check,check-out,returns)
Transportation & Logistics (loading,unloading,etc.)
Manufacturing (inventory,warehousing,tracking,shipping,etc.)
Field Services (delivery,service,etc.)
IT Helpdesk Resource Cost
Number of daily helpdesk calls initiated by mobile workers due to the performance of their mobile device
Hours to problem resolution per support ticket
Hourly burden (wage plus benefits) of helpdesk employee
System Outage Cost
Number system outages in last 12 months
Estimated dollar cost to the business of each outage
Total Annual Savings Opportunity
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