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Our secret sauce is the combination of specialized tools and experience. Because of this, we can guarantee our process will yield solutions to your problems.

Wireless problems that result in latencies, erratic performance, dropped sessions, and the many other inconsistencies experienced by mobile productivity workers are complex. These issues typically emanate from more than one root cause, turning troubleshooting into a "whack-a-mole" circus game: As soon as one issue goes away, another pops up.

Connect quickly identifies the multiple root-causes and then optimizes the wireless infrastructure. Unlike the teams of vendors usually brought in to sell their solutions, we employ a proprietary low-risk process that:
  • Does not interrupt normal operations
  • Does not disturb the existing infrastructure
  • Is performed 100% remotely
  • Prevents spending on "trial and error" troubleshooting

Connect has been dedicated to one mission for 25 years: Optimizing real-time wireless operations.

A craftsman is only as good as his tools. Connect uses a unique set of software tools for diagnosing and correcting real-time wireless system problems, delivering peak performance.

Connect delivered the mission-critical solutions that enabled the very first large-scale mobile deployments.